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Biltmore Lake Featured in Asheville Scout Guide Volume 3

The Biltmore Lake community is proud to be featured in the Asheville Scout Guide Volume 3. If you don’t yet have a copy of this wonderful local guide, you can pick up a copy at the Biltmore Lake sales center or click here to view an online version. Biltmore Lake is honored to be featured alongside so many talented local businesses in this beautiful guide to living like an Asheville local.

Biltmore Lake Charitable Fund Helps Strengthen Local Community

The Biltmore Lake Charitable Fund was established by Biltmore Farms, LLC, the community development firm and founder of the Biltmore Lake community, to improve the quality of life in the Enka-Candler area (where the Biltmore Lake neighborhood is located). The primary goal of the fund has always been to enhance the local community by supporting education, economic development, health care, the arts & culture, and the environment and quality of life. The fund was initially seeded by Biltmore Farms and a portion of the proceeds of lot and home sales over the years also benefited the endowment fund, creating a sizable resource to support charitable projects.

The Biltmore Lake Charitable Fund is administered by the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina and is currently a sustaining fund. Twice yearly, grant proposals are reviewed by the charitable fund’s board, which includes Biltmore Farms representatives and Enka-Candler residents. Tax-exempt and governmental entities the serve the Enka-Candler community but not specifically the Biltmore Lake neighborhood, are eligible to apply for the grants. Under special circumstance allocations are also made based on unforeseen community need, such as the COVID-19 crisis.

2019 Awards and Contributions

  • $75,000 contributed to the Emergency and Disaster Response Fund activated and administered by The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina to support nonprofit organizations serving individuals and families whose needs have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more about grant recipients here.
  • $100,000 contributed to the One Buncombe Fund. The mission of the One Buncombe Fund is to support the basic needs of individuals who have lost employment due to COVID-19 and to provide bridge funding to small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Candler Elementary School was awarded $12,000 to replace an aging playground.
  • Enka Intermediate School was awarded $10,700 for iPads and heavy-duty covers.
  • Guardian ad Litem Association of Buncombe County was awarded $5,000 to help meet needs of
  • children who are in DSS custody.
  • Hominy Valley Elementary School was awarded $8,500 to purchase decodable readers for students who are developing their reading skills.
  • Journeymen was awarded $5,000 to implement and run a weekly mentoring group for 8th grade boys.
  • Pisgah Elementary School was awarded $10,000 to purchase text and digital resources to improve student reading scores.
  • Verner was awarded $7,500 to provide high quality, comprehensive early childhood education to 12 preschool children ages 3-5.

Since 2005, the Biltmore Lake Charitable Fund has provided more than $1 million to schools, nonprofits, and other various programs and initiatives that strengthen the local community. Visit the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina website to learn more about the fund and how to apply.

Residents’ Giving Garland Project Benefits Enka High School


Biltmore Lake residents responded generously to the second annual Giving Garland project, benefiting needy Enka High School students.  The campaign, sponsored by the Education Support Group at the community, raised more than $8,850 in three weeks, topping last year’s donations by more than 50%. The suggested donation was $30, but many residents gave more than that, including one resident who, after gaining agreement from her children and grandchildren, donated $1,000 in lieu of buying family gifts.

Giving Garland Biltmore Lake

Presenting the donations to Enka’s principal are Biltmore Lake representatives (left to right): Elizabeth Joiner, Enka High School principal Tonya Robinson, Jamileh Mikata, Denise Ertell, and Biltmore Lake Lifestyle Director Kim Maynard.


The proceeds of the project will be used by the school’s social workers to host a holiday party with gift cards; pay for school lunches, school supplies and fees, and buy other minor necessities throughout the year for students whose families are struggling financially.